Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Dont worry it's easy!"...Yea Right!

Peace Family,

I know I haven't posted here in a while and, after graduating this past May, it was my full intention to get back to blogging on a regular basis. However, life gets in the way and after a serious issue with sewage backing into my home (read more about that here) and my house catching fire which you can look forward to a future post on, I just tapped out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not seriously depressed or anything but I have good and bad days...

With that being said, its been on my heart to talk about "ease." I was watching one of my favorite documentaries Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and there was a reoccurring theme amongst the people who were completely against trying the juice cleanse. Many people complained that it was just too "hard." Some folks even said that they had no willpower and would just cave in. Well, that got me to thinking about the benefits of doing something "hard."

From a personal standpoint, all the things that were the hardest for me to do in life ended up being the most beneficial. Obtaining a bachelors degree, eating healthy, getting out of credit card debt, buying a house, getting a masters degree, all these things required a lot of work. Often times I felt like quitting but I hung in there and the rewards have been tremendous! But, if we never push ourselves past what makes us uncomfortable, how will we ever really know our strength?

Let's think about some of the "easy" things we encounter in life. Fast food is quick and easy to buy but, if eaten on a daily basis, it can lead to many health issues because of the way the food is prepared and the lack of nutritious ingredients. What about sex? Sure you can have sex with that guy or girl who everybody knows can "put it down" but what are the consequences? That person is "easy" to get in the sack but how healthy is it to have sex with someone who so easily has sex with so many people? It's easy to get off work and lay on the couch but it takes some effort to get into the habit of doing some form of physical exercise on a day to day basis. However, once that habit is formed, it get's easier and the body becomes much healthier as a result of it.

So what is my point? Sometimes doing something "hard" can get us closer to the life we dream of and make us healthier along the way. “The Race is not given to the swift, but to those who endure to the end.”

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Peace and Light,