Friday, February 25, 2011

Quote of the Day..

if you can give it away don't throw it away. Your trash is someone else's treasure;)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Five Dollar Shoes

They are everything to me. At least everything a girl could want in a shoe. Cute, comfy, and best of all five dollars! I got them on sale at Rainbow in downtown Brooklyn this past weekend. I celebrated my b-day (Feb 14th) with fam and friends in NYC. Just a girl's get away. It was the perfect b-day weekend even with missing our scheduled bus back, having to take the 1am bus, and be to work by 8 the next morning. Smh good times :) Oh, and I should mention my nails from this post have held up for two weeks. Im still rocking them and probably will until I get some free time to change the colors. Life is busy but but swell :) Thank you all for taking the time to read this. As always I wish you peace and light. Cee ya in the next post!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun!!

I <3 my nails :)

Colors: Turquoise, Black, and White

Reason: Random

I was bored, sick, and chillin in my room when I randomly decided to paint my nails. I hadn't had the opportunity to do so for about a week and half due to the rush of preparing for my sisters 21st b-day party and regular day to day activity. I figured 10pm on a Wednesday was as good a time as any. I literally picked up the first colors I saw in my overflowing basket of finger nail polish and went for it. I have to say I'm more than pleased especially after the nail disaster I had more than a week before. The end result was hideous. I should have taken a pic to post here. Any hoo, I thought I'd share because these nails have been providing me little spurts of joy throughout the last three days and wanted to share that joy with you. Until the next time, I wish you all peace and light. Cee ya in the next post!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The End of a Love Affair..

I officially dislike winter. I don’t know what happened but somewhere between my second and this third cold of the season, being literally afraid to wash my hair, snow, sleet,  and rain covered streets, I have become disenchanted with this season. And that makes me pretty sad considering that I was born in the winter and always had an affinity for it. Heck, I even compared the feeling of love to "the feeling of coming in to a warm house from out of the cold." The stillness, the quiet, the sound of boots hitting the ground all held happy vivid memories of winter for me. Maybe I've just grown up and realized how winter weather compromises our safety, complicates our commute, interferes with our time etc. Maybe I can’t enjoy winter the way I use to because responsibility has taken over and replaced what use to be my love for all things winter and what makes this season special. Either way, as I write this with a stuffy nose, six days before my bday, and with a full day of work ahead of me I can’t help but say FORGET WINTER!! I want spring/summer back with its sun filled/smiling/ swaying trees long walks in the park, Ritas Gelatos, and lemon spiked ice cold water.

Dear summer,

I miss you. Please send me some heat. Your longing and appreciative friend.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black History Spotlight: Jack Johnson

Peace Family,

As the first of what will be many Black History Spotlights here on, I want to celebrate the life of the first African-American Heavy Weight Champion of the World Jack Johnson! I first discovered this incredibly talented and intelligent man in 2005 while reading a Black history poster at my campus job. I always wanted to take a further look into the life of this unforgettable man but as a busy undergrad that never happened. Imagine my enthusiasm when while scanning Netflix for a movie to watch during the two hour long process it takes to twist my hair, I saw a documentary for Jack Johnson pop up in the instant play! The documentary is entitled "Unforgivable Blackness." I must admit, I kind of expected the documentary to be solely about the trials of a Black man's quest to win the World Championship but it is not. What it really is, is a depiction of the life a man who rose from poverty to wealth, read and wrote voluminously, and dated white women exclusively during a time when many Blacks could not read, write, and were lynched for looking at a white woman. This was decades before the death of Emmett Till. During the 214 minute documentary, I learned that Jack Johnson's fighting was as much about strategy and technique as it was about strength and endurance. It was also about determination as he had to practically stalk the then heavy weight champion of the world James J. Jeffries and taunt him for a chance at the title which Jeffries vowed would never belong to a Black man. Jack Johnson defeated every opponent black or white in the U.S. or abroad with the exception of Jeffries. Jack Johnson's only deterrent was his color. But he did not let that hold him back, eventually he did get a chance at the title and won on December 26, 1908 by knocking out the then heavy weight champion of the world Tommy Burns who replaced Jeffries when he retired. Jack Johnson held the title for years while whites desperately sought the next "great white hope." Racial tensions reached a head in 1910 when James Jeffries came out of retirement to fight Jack Johnson and lost. There were race riots and both blacks and whites were killed. After years of exile from the U.S. due to laws that were passed prohibiting the intermingling of Black men and white women, Jack Johnson agreed to serve prison time for a court case where he was found guilty. Upon his release from prison, Jack Johnson was allowed to move back to the U.S. where he lived an extremely happy life training other boxers, occasionally fighting, and even opening what would one day become the infamous Cotton Club. I am so proud to call him one of my ancestors. His knowledge base and intellect was astounding, his skill impeccable, and his personality in a category of its own. Enjoy the short video below of this amazing man and please share this post with your family and friends. If you find the time to check out the full documentary entitled "Unforgivable Blackness" please do so. Until next time, I wish you all peace, light, and a happy Black History Month:)