Monday, February 7, 2011

The End of a Love Affair..

I officially dislike winter. I don’t know what happened but somewhere between my second and this third cold of the season, being literally afraid to wash my hair, snow, sleet,  and rain covered streets, I have become disenchanted with this season. And that makes me pretty sad considering that I was born in the winter and always had an affinity for it. Heck, I even compared the feeling of love to "the feeling of coming in to a warm house from out of the cold." The stillness, the quiet, the sound of boots hitting the ground all held happy vivid memories of winter for me. Maybe I've just grown up and realized how winter weather compromises our safety, complicates our commute, interferes with our time etc. Maybe I can’t enjoy winter the way I use to because responsibility has taken over and replaced what use to be my love for all things winter and what makes this season special. Either way, as I write this with a stuffy nose, six days before my bday, and with a full day of work ahead of me I can’t help but say FORGET WINTER!! I want spring/summer back with its sun filled/smiling/ swaying trees long walks in the park, Ritas Gelatos, and lemon spiked ice cold water.

Dear summer,

I miss you. Please send me some heat. Your longing and appreciative friend.



  1. I'm so cold. Every time there's a hint of warmth, I get excited...but then it gets cold again. :( Can't wait until there's some warmth!