Sunday, August 29, 2010

Events: Walking Testimonies Entertainment LLC. Launch Party!!

Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of attending the Walking Testimonies Entertainment LLC. launch party. I had the best time! It was wonderful to Cee two women, Atlantis Wigfall and Rashunda Bailey, come together and create a company that provides a space for children of God to model, dance, and entertain with modesty and virtue. The show was great! Check out the video below!

If you are interested in more from Walking Testimonies Entertainment LLC. visit the Facebook fan page.

Conditioner: The Natural Girlz Creamy Crack!!

I was de-tangling my hair with my new found favorite conditioner and it occurred to me that conditioner is to a lot of natural women what relaxers are to chemically straightened women: CRACK! I mean lets be real about the situation, if there is one thing that most natural women can't go without its conditioner. Whether it be a leave-in, moisturizer, or a rinse out we panic when we're about to run out lol. So, I decided to do a little research on this product that we love so much and discover what it is really that makes this product beneficial to our hair. Here is what I found:

*Conditioner is meant to help replace the moisture that clarifying shampoos can take from the hair such as the hairs natural oil (sebum) and give strength to the hair shaft.

*All hair conditioners fall under 6 categories: re-constructors, moisturizers, acidifiers, thermal protectors, detanglers, oils and glossers.

*A good conditioner contains some variation of the following ingredients: protein, essential fatty acids (EFA), humectant, acidifiers, sequestrants, and preservatives which keep the product from spoiling rapidly.

*Most Conditioners are ph balanced and are generally acidic which provides the hair with a positive charge causing more hydrogen bonds between the keratin (protein in hair) scales thereby giving the hair a more compact structure.

*A good reference to use in case you want to check the safety of your hair products is I recommend this site because some hair products contain carcinogens which have been linked to cancer.

Conditioners/moisturizers hold moisture in the hair. Usually these contain high proportions of humectants. Humectants draw moisture in to dry areas. A few natural humectants include honey, sugar, and glycerin. It is important to consider whether conditions with the use of humectants because if it is moist outside your hair will absorb some of that moisture but adversely, if it is dry outside humectants will pull moisture from your hair.

Reconstructing conditioners usually containing hydrolyzed protein. Their role is to penetrate the hair and strengthen its structure through polymer cross linking. Natural protein containing foods include milk and egg.

Acidifiers contribute to the ph balance of hair. A couple natural acidifiers include citrus fruit like oranges and lemons.

The oils (EFAs - essential fatty acids) in conditioners, can help dry/porous hair become more soft and pliable. The scalp produces a natural oil called sebum. EFAs are the closest thing to natural sebum (sebum contains EFAs). The EFA with the most likeness to our natural hair oil sebum is avocado oil.

Sequestrants in hair conditioners provide better function in hard water and serve as a preservative. A couple natural preservatives are honey and tea tree oil.

All of the above stated ingredients in conditioners and moisturizers are what gives us the "slip" (ability to comb through hair easily) that we so hungrily desire.

Earlier this summer when my favorite conditioner of a year ran out, I decided to try new conditioners. Needless to say, I am glad I did! While I still love Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat for the cool tingly feeling it gives my scalp, I can just add a few drops of tea tree oil to the Tresume Naturals conditioner and get the same results with much better "slip."Now this is not to say that my days of trying new conditioners are over but for right now I'm content:) I wish you all well in discovering your own personal favorite conditioner and hope this post will serve as a guide for what qualities you can look for in a conditioner for your hair type. Comment and leave your favorite conditioner or products below. Cee ya in the next post!

Friday, August 27, 2010

When You Have Done All You Can Do...

"Your goals might have started out well meaning and inspiring, but somewhere along the way they turned into taskmaster-like tyrants. Running your life, making you feel inadequate; giving you a persistent feeling that there’s always something “more” you could be doing"-illuminated mind

I received an email from one of my favorite sites (Illuminated today and it seemed as if in the above stated quote he was speaking to me! I have been working diligently to accomplish a few personal goals and sometimes (because it is not all the time) it just seems as if my hard work is in vain. I really wanted this specific opportunity to work out because it would have made a few things in my life a lot easier. But after I allowed myself to be upset and FEEL my emotions and just purge, I decided to move on. Cee I don't think there is anything wrong with feeling bad as long as we move past it. We can't let our disappointments consume us. Tomorrow is pregnant with opportunity and who knows maybe that opportunity really wasn't what was best for me. I have been praying for God to order my steps and help me to follow his will but even still I was disappointed when this opportunity didn't work out for me :( My feelings were a direct contradiction to my prayer. With further contemplation, I've decided to move on and pursue other options and I believe that God will guide me toward my true purpose. I pray the same for each one of you. If you feel a little down and you have done all you can take a pointer from Donnie McClurkin and JUST STAND and might I add on faith:)
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love Aaliyah Always

Nine years ago yesterday we lost one of the most angelic beautiful personalities to enter the music industry, Aaliyah. I remember the day I heard the news like it was yesterday. She was my sister Tavy's favorite artist which is a lot to say because she doesn't really have a favorite anything lol. I loved her because she made a young girl like me feel it was cool to wear loose fitting clothes and still be attractive and pretty. That was the thing that stood out most to me about her other than the fact that she could dance like nobody's business and sing like an ANGEL! She lives on fondly in our thoughts and memories of her. Cee below for my favorite Aaliyah song and video. "4 Page Letter"

Aaliyah "4 Page Letter"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello Everyone and Welcome to the HoneyCee Blog!! I have to say this was a long time coming for me. I have been pondering the idea of starting my own blog for the last two years!! Until recently, I never had the nerve to do so lol But I'm here and I'm elated!!! Check out the video below for what you can expect from the HoneyCee Blog and all that is yet to come:)

Cee in the Nude

Nude Lips
Nude Digits

Im in a nude kind of mood. Nude nails nude lips everything nude! Why? The seasons are changing and you might think I'm crazy but I think I felt it.. Two nights ago I was laying in bed and a sense of peace came over me. I hadn't felt this way in a while. I couldn't write or read. All I could do was lay paralyzed in bed while feeling abnormally content for a restless spirit like my own:) The sense of peace I had at that moment is usually something I work to achieve through aroma therapy (incent in sandalwood or sage), prayer, meditation, or pilates. The next morning it was a little more chilly than usual. Then in dawned on me: it is back to school time! Its almost fall lol so in an effort to embrace the change of seasons and just follow my own personal zest, I'll remain nude until mother nature tells me otherwise...


*Edited picture of Restaurant Tablecloth

My big head took me to lunch the other day. I was feeling kinda funky and needed a pick me up. He had the perfect solution, a day together just he and I. Ill admit my problems were not completely solved but my mind and heart were definitely at peace. And that is what I really wanna talk about today. Black men and women being there for one another. Far to often the emphasis is put on sex in male/female relationships. But what happens when that is over? This, I believe, is where the love and true intimacy begins. I know we all love to spout our claims about being independent women and the ability to make it on our own and that's great. But we don't just need men for their financial support. Men and women need (and yes I did say need) each other for companionship, friendship, a shoulder to lean on, someone to share our aspirations with. Which leads to my status the other day"its nice to have a man love you with his wallet but its better to have him love you with his heart." this quote can apply to men as well. So this is my challenge to each of us today: Lets try to look at each other for more than our physical attributes (sexual organs) and more at who a person is and how he/she makes you feel. You never know, you might find something much better than sex...a friend.

Trees: The Natural Girlz Nature Twin

*Picture from the road home

In this picture is the one single thing I love about leaving my big head's (boy friend)side, trees. I love the way they look in the sun:) Yea its gonna sound kinda Corny but they remind me of natural hair. Just think about it for a second they have roots, the ends sometimes get a little dry, and the branches are wild and fluffy and sit out from their pillar or in our case the head lol. Trees are the natural girls nature twin:) we have so much in common. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think...


*A Re-Post from

I was just sitting here trying to think of what to write for my Heartfelt Moment since Torri and I have agreed to share a bit more of ourselves on Soulfulthreadz. So I thought why not just share a bit of my morning routine. How I start my day: short meditation, prayer, and green tea. Sure there are days when I deviate from this routine.ex:leaving my big heads(boy friend) house, traveling, etc..but on a normal day this is how I start and the level of peace and serenity it gives me is immeasurable. I feel so great and energized after. Any little attitudes complaints or issues that I may have had go away with the deep appreciation for another day to move ahead. I've always had the tea in the morning even when I was in school but the meditation and prayer are relatively new to my routine. I've only been doing this since last may. It is one of the best things I could have ever done. Whenever I think to complain my mind automatically goes to those I prayed for in worst circumstances than mine and less prospects for change. I have become more thankful and tolerant. More patient and loving. And patience was not my strong suit..and how can I forget the green tea does wonders for my skin and digestion it just makes me and over all happy camper:) What is your favorite morning activity? Comment below and share maybe one of us will benefit from it:)

Just Call Cee the Crazy Sock Lady!!Smh

So I have this thing. I like to put on socks after I shower and apply my Honey Due from the Heartfelt Naturalz Product Line. I've been doing this since my petroleum jelly days in an attempt to keep my feet soft and smooth. And yes I do it all year round lol. Problem is by the end of the night I've kicked them off and they end up everywhere but on my feet!Seriously under the bed,tangled within the covers, wedged between the bed and the wall Smh lol This results in my grabbing a new pair of socks almost every night that I wear for less than two hours! Such as waste I know:( I keep telling myself that I'm going to designate a spot and put the socks there but somewhere between being awake and completely knocked out that idea gets lost...does this happen to any of you? If so, share your experience and let me know Im not the only crazy sock lady out there..

Confessions of a Self Texter

I text myself all the time..things I want to remember poems, songs grocery lists lol I'm just always texting myself. I discovered that I could do this during my freshman year of college and I have never stopped. It helps me to stay organized and serves as a constant reminder for things I  would otherwise forget. My memory is not the best :( Texting myself has gotten me through quizzes exams deadlines and even  a breakup!  (hey a girl has to encourage herself) lol So share with me the texts you send to yourself. I would love to know I'm not the only self texter out there:)