Friday, August 27, 2010

When You Have Done All You Can Do...

"Your goals might have started out well meaning and inspiring, but somewhere along the way they turned into taskmaster-like tyrants. Running your life, making you feel inadequate; giving you a persistent feeling that there’s always something “more” you could be doing"-illuminated mind

I received an email from one of my favorite sites (Illuminated today and it seemed as if in the above stated quote he was speaking to me! I have been working diligently to accomplish a few personal goals and sometimes (because it is not all the time) it just seems as if my hard work is in vain. I really wanted this specific opportunity to work out because it would have made a few things in my life a lot easier. But after I allowed myself to be upset and FEEL my emotions and just purge, I decided to move on. Cee I don't think there is anything wrong with feeling bad as long as we move past it. We can't let our disappointments consume us. Tomorrow is pregnant with opportunity and who knows maybe that opportunity really wasn't what was best for me. I have been praying for God to order my steps and help me to follow his will but even still I was disappointed when this opportunity didn't work out for me :( My feelings were a direct contradiction to my prayer. With further contemplation, I've decided to move on and pursue other options and I believe that God will guide me toward my true purpose. I pray the same for each one of you. If you feel a little down and you have done all you can take a pointer from Donnie McClurkin and JUST STAND and might I add on faith:)
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  1. Thank you! You have summed up how I feel when I feel really low or whatever. I let the feeling come , acknowledge it but tend not to get consumed by it as I can eventually pull it together and move on. I used to find this v.hard. Usually describe this behaviour as waiting for the storm to pass.

  2. That's def a good way of looking at it:)