Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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I was just sitting here trying to think of what to write for my Heartfelt Moment since Torri and I have agreed to share a bit more of ourselves on Soulfulthreadz. So I thought why not just share a bit of my morning routine. How I start my day: short meditation, prayer, and green tea. Sure there are days when I deviate from this routine.ex:leaving my big heads(boy friend) house, traveling, etc..but on a normal day this is how I start and the level of peace and serenity it gives me is immeasurable. I feel so great and energized after. Any little attitudes complaints or issues that I may have had go away with the deep appreciation for another day to move ahead. I've always had the tea in the morning even when I was in school but the meditation and prayer are relatively new to my routine. I've only been doing this since last may. It is one of the best things I could have ever done. Whenever I think to complain my mind automatically goes to those I prayed for in worst circumstances than mine and less prospects for change. I have become more thankful and tolerant. More patient and loving. And patience was not my strong suit..and how can I forget the green tea does wonders for my skin and digestion it just makes me and over all happy camper:) What is your favorite morning activity? Comment below and share maybe one of us will benefit from it:)

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