Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Call Cee the Crazy Sock Lady!!Smh

So I have this thing. I like to put on socks after I shower and apply my Honey Due from the Heartfelt Naturalz Product Line. I've been doing this since my petroleum jelly days in an attempt to keep my feet soft and smooth. And yes I do it all year round lol. Problem is by the end of the night I've kicked them off and they end up everywhere but on my feet!Seriously under the bed,tangled within the covers, wedged between the bed and the wall Smh lol This results in my grabbing a new pair of socks almost every night that I wear for less than two hours! Such as waste I know:( I keep telling myself that I'm going to designate a spot and put the socks there but somewhere between being awake and completely knocked out that idea gets lost...does this happen to any of you? If so, share your experience and let me know Im not the only crazy sock lady out there..


  1. LOL I do the same thing... every night lotion and socks and they always end up at the bottom of the bed... so no you're not the only crazy sock lady :-)