Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun!!

I <3 my nails :)

Colors: Turquoise, Black, and White

Reason: Random

I was bored, sick, and chillin in my room when I randomly decided to paint my nails. I hadn't had the opportunity to do so for about a week and half due to the rush of preparing for my sisters 21st b-day party and regular day to day activity. I figured 10pm on a Wednesday was as good a time as any. I literally picked up the first colors I saw in my overflowing basket of finger nail polish and went for it. I have to say I'm more than pleased especially after the nail disaster I had more than a week before. The end result was hideous. I should have taken a pic to post here. Any hoo, I thought I'd share because these nails have been providing me little spurts of joy throughout the last three days and wanted to share that joy with you. Until the next time, I wish you all peace and light. Cee ya in the next post!!


  1. I love your nails--and the ring! Very cute!

  2. Where did u get the ring? I need it in my life! lol

  3. ha! it is from a friend idk where she got it from