Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Peace Family,

I want to wish you all a heartfelt Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for this year and apart of that is the community I have here on and You Tube. I've met so many positive people who lend their advice and encouraging words. The holiday season is my favorite time of year because it seems to provoke in us a feeling of gratitude that I would like to maintain throughout the year.

For me, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the end of the year. I become very reflective and start to think about the things I have experienced throughout the year and what amongst those things I am most grateful for. Here is a short list of the things I am thankful for this year:
  • Growing closer to God with every passing day
  • Family and Friends
  • Talents & Gifts
  • Lessons learned
  • Employment
  • Food and Shelter
  • The Future and possibilities ahead
I know some of these things seem small, but there are many people in our struggling economy who do not have these things and I am extremely grateful and prayerful for those in need of. Leave a comment below and tell me what you're grateful for this holiday season. I would love to hear from you. As always, I wish you all peace and light. Cee ya in the next post!!

P.S. This is my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian. I'll let you know how this goes lol

Monday, November 22, 2010

Motivation Monday!

Peace Family,

I write this post to you from home today as I was sent here from work due to a terrible cold and laryngitis that has lowered my voice to a mere whisper. But, I am not too upset because I get to catch up on some much needed rest and write this post to you:) MOTIVATION! We all need a little sometimes and I have to say it took motivation, inspiration, and some divine intervention to get me out of the bed this morning lol. The one force that keeps me going even when I feel like I just can't go another second is the fact that I'M HERE! God allowed me to open my eyes and Cee another day so I remind myself of that when the alarm goes off and I want to punch my pillow because it feels like I just laid my head lol.

I guess we can call this a duo post because it is part word and part song. The "Song of the Day" that I think we can all benefit from on Mondays is called "Motivation" by rap artist T.I. If at any point today you feel tired, irritated, or just worn out, I encourage you to click the link below and listen to this song. I promise the blaring drum beats and aggressive lyrics delivered by T.I. will leave you feeling like Rocky training to fight Apollo Creed lol. The resounding message of the song is expressed in the chorus when he says "just make me stronger and make me tougher."  (WARNING if you are sensitive to the "N" word this is not the song for you. While I do not use the word myself, I do not let it keep me from enjoying music). Well, that is all for now family. I'm about to shut it down and try to get some rest for tomorrows work day. Feel free to leave a comment below and don't forget to check out the new homepage. I have made a few changes and would love to get your feedback on the new look. Until next time, I wish you peace and light.

Link to T.I.'s Motivation:


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free time Cee Time: Crochet

Peace Family,

I told my YouTube family that I would share photos of my latest past time activity here...

Blue and White hat I made

Hat I made for my friend's daughter:)

Hat I made for my other sis
Hat I made for Memaa
Hat I made for myself
Set my mother made for me:)

Let me know what you think.

Peace and light,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something Made Me Smile

Peace Family,

I have been so out of the loop lately :( So, when I took a little time yesterday evening to check in on my favorite sites I was elated to find out that I was the "Hair Diary" feature on NaturallyObsessed last week! I submitted the information forever ago and quite honestly forgot about it. But, there it was my little natural hair story for all to Cee:) If you would like to check out the post feel free to do so by clicking here. Reading it made me realize how far I have come in getting to know my natural tresses. I have been chronicling my hair journey on YouTube but chose to keep it separate from this blog. With the exception of the tool bar on the homepage, I do not talk about hair much here.While is about health, it is more about total wellness, mind, body, and spirit and I do not want this space to become overly saturated with hair. However, I did want to share this simple pleasure with you mainly because it made me smile. I wish you all peace and light and hope you're enjoying this day :) Feel free to leave a comment below as I love hearing from you.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Motivation Monday

Peace Family,

The motivational passage that I have chosen to share here with you all today is from my "Quotes and Affirmations" page here on

"Greater is the Spirit that is within me than any challenge that is in the world"(Susan L. Taylor)

I chose this passage because it really speaks to our own spiritual power. Many times I get so wrapped up in how the world around me is operating and my limitations within those bounds that I forget or neglect my own spiritual power. I am sure some you may be able to relate.

Maybe that nine to five consumes you so much that it is all you can think of on and off the clock. Perhaps you have children, daycare, PTA  and an entire list of other meetings and functions consuming your thoughts and blocking your inner voice and power.

Well, today I want to encourage you, and myself, to take some time just for you. Whether it be an hour in the evening after everyone is laid to rest or in the morning before your hustle and bustle begins to tap into your inner spirit. Now, I know this is easier said than done so I compiled a list of things that may help with this process.

Journaling-sometimes just writing things down like our feelings, aspirations, worries, or celebrations help us to get a better understanding of our spiritual power. We are of much better help to our friends and family when we have nurtured ourselves.

Meditating- I know this can be difficult in the beginning. Trying to quite our minds with a million and one things going on around us that need to be done can be difficult. Start off with some relaxing music, (preferably without words) let some light into the room, allow yourself to sort through all your thoughts, and then JUST RELAX!:)

Hobby- We all have something that we enjoy doing or wish we could find the time to do. Take that hour a day I mentioned and devote it to learning something new or nurturing a gift you already have. You will find power and confidence in the things you do well.

I hope this post has brought some light to you all today. I just started a new job so my time is very strained but I am making an effort to get back on track with my posting this week. Until next time, I wish you all peace and light. Cee ya in the next post!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heartfelt Recipe: Brown Sugar Scrub

Hey Everyone,

I hope your days are going well especially with this weather change. It has been so cold here in Maryland and I have been searching for ways to keep my skin hydrated and clean. This brown sugar scrub works miracles for my face and hands! It has been about two weeks since I had the opportunity to share a "Heartfelt Recipe" with you all and I am so excited! Ok here is the recipe:
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tsp olive oil
  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil
Mix everything together making sure the olive oil gets worked through the brown sugar. Store the contents in a plastic jar or container and you have your very own homemade brown sugar scrub! I promise you it is like a little piece of heaven :^). I use it on my face, hands, and feet as an natural exfoliater. The great thing about it is that it is 100% natural so unless your allergic to one of the ingredients, you can use it anywhere! It removes impurities while keeping skin moisturized with the penetrating properties of extra virgin olive oil. I absolutely love the way my skin feels after using the scrub. This can be a great addition to your winter skin regimen as our skin can become a bit dry from the cold. I encourage you to try it and share your experience with me. Feel free to tweak the recipe to fit your own personal needs. Check out my latest "Food for Thought" guest post over at Naturally Obsessed for a few cool ways to use those Halloween pumpkin remains ;) Don't forget to like on Facebook by clicking the link on the homepage. I appreciate your support and interest. It really motivates me to keep doing what I do. As always, I wish you all peace and light. Cee ya in the next post!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Feature of the Week: The Ma'ats of!

Ayize and Ayiana Ma'at

Peace Family,

I had the immense pleasure of securing an interview with the dynamic duo of Ayize and Ayiana Ma'at. Their mission is to inspire couples to stop playing and keep pushing, while always keeping it %100 REAL! Check out the interview below...

HoneyCee: For those who do not know, what is the Bintentional movement all about and what was your inspiration for starting it? entail?

The Ma’ats: B Intentional exist to celebrate and promote intentional living in all areas of life. Our inspiration for starting the B Intentional Movement was an increasing awareness that nothing happens on accident. We all have these latent desires that need to be resurrected and revitalized but this will only occur through intentional action. We feel that it's through this intentional action that some sense of wholeness can be attained. We are an African American couple that has chosen to place intentional emphasis on improving the quality of relationships in our community. We do this because we understand that in order for greatness to be cultivated and manifested in our community their needs to be a radical shift in how parents relate to each other. We believe, "where the head goes the body will follow,"therefore we choose to focus on the adults and their relationships because they are ultimately responsible for redirecting their families toward more successful outcomes. Instead of complaining about the high divorce rates and poor representations of marriage in our community, we decided to do something. We first looked at our relationship and acknowledged the growth we've experienced during the past 15 years and realized that we have awesome value and an obligation to share. B Intentional is "our" call to the community to take action and do something different in our relationships so that we can improve the quality of our lives.

HoneyCee: The advice you give to couples is so encouraging. Where does your advice come from?

The Ma’ats: The primary source of education for our relationship advice is our experience. We are deeply in love with each other and we recognize that nowadays that's rare. We look at the ups and downs in our relationship and extract the lessons we've learned that have enabled us to be as connected as we are. Additionally, Aiyana is a clinical psychotherapist and both of us are certified marriage educators. We have a library of books to extract relationship wisdom from and we are regularly working with couples that are trying to take their relationship to the next level. We also stay connected to continuing education opportunities that help us to stay on top of the current themes and trends in relationship education. All of these experiences help to shape us and enable us to provide advice.

HoneyCee: You give great advice on relationships, but where do you go when you need help in the relationship department?

The Ma’ats: One of the things that we regularly advocate for is "relationship checkups". Whether you are in a good space or more challenging one it's good to sit down with an objective third party and do some "tweaking" or maybe even a relationship "overhaul". We adhere to our own advice and schedule time for "relationship checkups" with the therapist that provided pre-marital counseling to us.

HoneyCee: I love the way the two of you support and compliment each other. How long have you been together and how much does your marriage encourage the direction of Bintentional?

The Ma’ats: We are high school sweethearts. We have been together for 15 years. We have a phenomenal marriage and working relationship. Both combined heavily influence the direction of B Intentional.

HoneyCee:What kind of change would you like to make in the lives of others through Bintentional? What is your ultimate goal or vision for the company?

The Ma’ats: We would like to positively impact the image of black marriage in our community and drastically improve the quality of relationships in our community. One of our immediate goals is to impact 100,000 couples per month. As we accomplish and exceed that number we believe the quality of life for adults and children in our community will improve drastically. In the coming months we will be launching a sister site that will focus specifically on living from a place of purpose and manifesting our dreams. This sister site will be the ultimate online destination for finding and building motivation & inspiration to live out the kind of authentic and powerful lives we are meant to live. Our ultimate goal is to be the best that we can be and inspire others on a worldwide scale to do the same. We are constantly developing and growing so we know the possibilities for us and our company are endless.

HoneyCee: I know you two were featured in a film. Can you tell us more about that?

The Ma’ats: The film "You Saved Me" produced and directed by Lamar and Ronnie Tyler was a candid look into the relationships of 8 couples and the impact marriage has had on their lives. While the film was still in it's inception, we were working hard as marriage educators teaching classes with Nisa Muhammad, the Founder of Black Marriage Day and she introduced us to the Tyler's. We immediately established a rapport and shortly thereafter were asked to be a part of the film. The process of being in the film and the relationships we developed and feedback we received from that helped to further solidify our company's initial goals.

HoneyCee: As a married couple with four children, how do you manage to sustain a loving and supportive relationship?

The Ma’ats: We are intentional about spending quality time with each other. We talk on the phone throughout the day, we sit with each other while our kids are playing, we hold each other, and when we lay the kids down at night we are intentional about being in each other's presence. It really comes down to practicing good communication. Now, we hear that all the time but it's the truth. We must practice what we want to perfect. So, we take our relationship very seriously and know that it will only improve through us doing what is required. Being the best husband & wife we know how to be is a serious commitment and we approach it that way. The other thing is that we are truly for real best friends. We hang out together, act silly together....and we can get really silly, and make sure that we still make time to "just be together" without work dominating our every interaction.

HoneyCee: What do the classes you offer on your web site entail?

The Ma’ats: The classes that we offer entail lessons on conflict management, relationship etiquette, communication differences, gender value, sex, intimacy, and understanding. We offer Basic Training For Couples and Singles, Real Talk By Men For Men, as well as Get Unstuck & Do Your Dream. At the foundation of everything we teach and every experience we facilitate is the underlying push for folks to get to know themselves better, increase their insight and understanding of themselves, and reach new heights within themselves and their relationships based on their unique insight.

HoneyCee: If there was one important tip you could give single men and women what would it be?

Ayize Ma’at: Do not lead with your heart OR your balanced and lead with BOTH. This will give you the greatest chance at relationship success.

Aiyana Ma’at: Make it a point to learn how to truly love and accept all of who you are. Learn how to be alone but not lonely. Explore the depths of your own personal strengths and fears. Bottom line---invest in your personal development. It is one of the greatest investments you can ever make.

HoneyCee: If there was one important tip you could give newly married couples what would it be?

Ayize Ma’at : The difference between successful and unsuccessful couples is not the absence of conflict...but rather their ability to manage it. Remember that when times (as they inevitably will) get tough.

Aiyana Ma’at: Marriage is beautiful and fun and it requires work. People don't often like to talk about the work aspect of marriage but at the end of the day it does require work. In our careers we know it makes good sense to increase our skills, add to our toolbox, and get continuing education. Marriage should be no different. Work in your marriage so it will work for you.

HoneyCee: Toss Up: What is your favorite meal and why?

Ayize Ma'at: Fried Tofu with a side of barbecue sauce, spinach with garlic and onions, and macaroni and cheese.

Aiyana Ma'at: Crabs all day every day!!! I love me some crabs! Lol!

HoneyCee: Where can readers get more information from the Ma'ats?

The Ma’ats: