Monday, November 22, 2010

Motivation Monday!

Peace Family,

I write this post to you from home today as I was sent here from work due to a terrible cold and laryngitis that has lowered my voice to a mere whisper. But, I am not too upset because I get to catch up on some much needed rest and write this post to you:) MOTIVATION! We all need a little sometimes and I have to say it took motivation, inspiration, and some divine intervention to get me out of the bed this morning lol. The one force that keeps me going even when I feel like I just can't go another second is the fact that I'M HERE! God allowed me to open my eyes and Cee another day so I remind myself of that when the alarm goes off and I want to punch my pillow because it feels like I just laid my head lol.

I guess we can call this a duo post because it is part word and part song. The "Song of the Day" that I think we can all benefit from on Mondays is called "Motivation" by rap artist T.I. If at any point today you feel tired, irritated, or just worn out, I encourage you to click the link below and listen to this song. I promise the blaring drum beats and aggressive lyrics delivered by T.I. will leave you feeling like Rocky training to fight Apollo Creed lol. The resounding message of the song is expressed in the chorus when he says "just make me stronger and make me tougher."  (WARNING if you are sensitive to the "N" word this is not the song for you. While I do not use the word myself, I do not let it keep me from enjoying music). Well, that is all for now family. I'm about to shut it down and try to get some rest for tomorrows work day. Feel free to leave a comment below and don't forget to check out the new homepage. I have made a few changes and would love to get your feedback on the new look. Until next time, I wish you peace and light.

Link to T.I.'s Motivation:


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