Wednesday, August 25, 2010


*Edited picture of Restaurant Tablecloth

My big head took me to lunch the other day. I was feeling kinda funky and needed a pick me up. He had the perfect solution, a day together just he and I. Ill admit my problems were not completely solved but my mind and heart were definitely at peace. And that is what I really wanna talk about today. Black men and women being there for one another. Far to often the emphasis is put on sex in male/female relationships. But what happens when that is over? This, I believe, is where the love and true intimacy begins. I know we all love to spout our claims about being independent women and the ability to make it on our own and that's great. But we don't just need men for their financial support. Men and women need (and yes I did say need) each other for companionship, friendship, a shoulder to lean on, someone to share our aspirations with. Which leads to my status the other day"its nice to have a man love you with his wallet but its better to have him love you with his heart." this quote can apply to men as well. So this is my challenge to each of us today: Lets try to look at each other for more than our physical attributes (sexual organs) and more at who a person is and how he/she makes you feel. You never know, you might find something much better than sex...a friend.


  1. Yes, I believe men & women need each other!! Why? Because we balance each other out. By Toni & Ariel