Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today's Work Out: Insane! (Not like the infomercial)

Peace Fam,
I can barely type this to you all. I only got through the first 25 minutes of this work out because it is crazy bananas. Mind you I did the first ten minutes of the one beneath it before I realized I didn't like it. Woooo! Is all I can say smh dang! I'm covered in sweat! Check out the video below and the not so challenging one beneath it. I'm going to stretch and do some abs.


This video is serious! I'll have to build up to completing it for realz!

not so much..too much choreography for me


  1. I did the Tiffany Rothe work out you posted and I like it, but I can't do the three reps that she says to do just yet. So I'm not even gonna try this one I'll just take your word for it. lol.

    1. lol i don't do those three reps either! i do two of her work outs and the abs video she has and hang it up. those are difficult work outs