Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feature of the Week: Ashley Robertson of Afiya LLC!

Peace Family,

I had to opportunity to catch up with my good friend and line sister Ashley Robertson Co-Ceo of Afiya LLC. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, and graduate school student at Howard University. I love her for her diligence, tenacity, and down home spirit. I think you will too :) Check out the interview below...

HoneyCee: For those who may not know, what is “Afiya” and what is your mission?

Ashley Robertson: Afiya is a host of natural bath and body products that contain fair trade shea butter and certified organic ingredients. Our line ranges from hair butter, body butter, hair oils, shea sugar scrubs and foot butter. The name Afiya is Swahili and it is a wish of wellness and good health. The mission of Afiya is to create all natural products that heal, soothe and restore your skin and hair and to educate people about how to be healthy inside and out.

HoneyCee: Where did the idea for “Afiya” come from, how long has it been in existence, and what was your inspiration for starting the product line?

Ashley Roberston: Afiya was initially something that my friend Jerilyn (Co-Ceo of Afiya) and I started because of our natural journey's. Initially it was hard to find affordable natural products for our hair and skin so we decided to experiment with creating our own.  Jerilyn created the hair and body butter and I created the eczema butter. We sent the products down to Tiara (Public Relations and Marketing Manager) to test them out and she promoted them at her job. People loved the product and what was supposed to be an experiment turned into a business. Initially the product line began with hair butter, body butter and eczema butter and we later expanded.

HoneyCee: What does the “Afiya” product line consist of?

Ashley Robertson: Afiya has bath, body and hair care products. Our bath products include shea butter soap and body wash. For the body we have facial scrubs, facial wash, facial butter, body butter, body wash, shea butter soap, shea sugar scrubs, body spray and foot butter. Our hair products include hair oil, hair butter, shampoo, conditioner and styling spray. We have new products in the works also.

HoneyCee: Who are “Afiya” products for?  

Ashley Roberston: Afiya products are for all people with skin! People make the mistake of thinking that natural products are for people with natural hair but natural products are for anyone that is interested in HEALTHY skin or hair. 

HoneyCee: What is your vision for the future of “Afiya”?

Ashley Robertson: As for the future of Afiya we pray that where ever God wants to take us we will go. I would like for us to own boutique spa's featuring our product across the country if it's in God's will. 

HoneyCee: Toss up: What is your favorite free time activity?

Ashley Roberston: With me being in Grad School I don't have a lot of free time but when I do have some I'm usually on Facebook or playing around with my Blackberry. 

HoneyCee: Where can HoneyCee blog readers get find more information on “Afiya” and check out your products?

Ashley Robertson: You can find Afiya on twitter at www.twitter.com/afiya4you, on youtube at www.youtube.com/afiya4you, on www.facebook.com/afiya4you, our website is www.afiya4you.com and lastly our email address is info@afiya4you.com. You can purchase our products on the website or at www.etsy.com/shop/afiya4you


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