Wednesday, June 6, 2012

“All I ever wanted to be was a mother”

“All I ever wanted to be was a mother”

I was amazed when my coworker said it to me. Shocked really. It’s just not something you hear women say these days. “I want to be a business owner, a CEO, a doctor” but a mother? That’s classic. I sat listening to her in admiration. The honesty and excitement with which she said those words just made me smile. Women today are so fortunate to be able to break glass ceilings and work in occupations that were never available to us. The opportunities are endless! But even with all these new opportunities, it was refreshing to hear someone speak of that natural joy and fulfillment that comes with being a mom. After all, if we give ourselves a chance to think about it, what are your earliest memories? Who was there? Who coached you? Who nursed you when you weren’t well, kissed that “boo boo” when you fell down. Now wait before anyone gets upset, we know father’s do all these things too. But when I look back on those memories in my life, the face I see smiling down at me most (or looking concerned) is my mother’s! Or in my case memaa’s. So, I want to give my coworker, she knows who she is, a huge shout out for reminding me of perhaps the most special, most significant, and influential job in the world, BEING A MOM! Until next time, I wish you all peace and light.


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