Monday, October 3, 2011

M.I.A?/ Song of the Day

Peace Family,

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. The truth is I have been meaning to write for days. I will start a post and something will come up and I never finish smh. So, until I get a chance to finish the more extravagant posts I've been working on for you all, I will just give you a brief account of what has been keeping me...I went out of town the weekend before last. Went to Charlotte with friends had loads of fun hence the picture above :) This past weekend, I tried my hardest to catch up on school work and house stuff. I'm also working on a project I'm calling "Hats for Hearts" which is an initiative to donate hats to west Baltimore Elementary Schools. I'll have a more detailed post coming for that soon. I have some interviews lined up to post here as well. Bare with me as time is moving very fast for me right now and I'm trying to keep up, as best I can, on everything. Here's something I would like to know, what have you all been listening to lately? I've been in a really old school kind of mood myself. Just to give you a sense of the mood I've been in, I'll include a video below. Enjoy! Peace and blessings until next time.


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