Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leave it to Anita...

So I was blessed this morning. Not just for waking up, having good health, family, friends and the love of God in my life, but blessed to have the pleasure of hearing one of my favorite singers has revamped one of my favorite songs. Who am I talking about that would warrant such a grand introduction? None other than Ms. Anita Baker! If you know me then you know, I ADORE her. Her voice reaches to the very heart of me. There was never a summer cookout, a relaxed Sunday, or holiday without Ms. Anita playing in the background. She is a part of the soundtrack to my childhood. One song from her on an antsy day will mellow me right out. Feel free to check out her version of Tyrese’s “Lately” below. Wishing you a peaceful and productive day.


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