Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are you afraid to fail?

Peace Family,

"Are you afraid to fail?"

This is a question I have been pondering over for the past few days. I'm personally closing out a part of my journey and entering into a new one. I'm down to 3 possible options which I am decidedly giving myself the time to ponder, pray, and get clear about. All three options scare me which lets me know they are good options. After all, easy things do not challenge and develop parts of us that need development. We are meant to learn and grow and stretch into the people God put us here to be.

I really feel this issue of fear has been popping up in everything that I read, listen to, or experience from a you tube video to an email. I believe this is because God wants me to work on it. And, not just work on it but push past it. I'm feeling like I'm ready to kick the wall down and do whatever is necessary to do the things I've always dreamed of as long as I can still feel right with God.

What is fear?


Fear is a lie. Feel the emotion and push past it.

Love and Light Family,


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