Thursday, March 3, 2011

Song of the Day: Sade "Couldn't Love You More"

It is the melody. It is the actual music. I would probably still love this song if it didn't have any lyrics or Sade's soothing voice belting all over it. It is just so relaxing and beautiful. Allow me to flash back for a moment, (picture it Sicily 1936 in my sophia voice) lol jk :) But seriously, I bought Sade's greatest hits in the 10th grade, this particular song is not on it, but the CD is fierce. Her band is AMAZING! She is so honest in her music and I have been completely in love with her work since purchasing that CD. I actually purchased it a few times because I lost it during my many college moves. I encourage you to pick it up. If your having a stressful day or just want to unwind, grab a glass of wine and turn this the CD UP! I promise you it will be a truly cathartic experience. You will fall in love, out of love, and deeply in love with your self after listening to it. Sade really puts it all out there with her music and in the most unapologetic way.  The emotion is raw and beautiful and uplifting. I couldn't ask for more. Check out the song below. Let me know what you think and have a great evening.



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