Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking The Stairs

Lately I have been feeling the need to push myself a little more physically. I do my little "three minute work out" at least once everyday either in the morning or at night depending on when I have the most time (usually at night) but my body has been craving more. Before my recent job switch, I was hitting the gym everyday after work. Working out for me is so much more than the aesthetics, it is time to fantasize and daydream about the things I want to do. When I'm on the elliptical moving and sweating (in my mind) I am Chaka Khan on the stage belting out "Hollywood" or whatever artist I'm listening to at the moment lol:) I digress, but I truly miss working out and find myself wanting to take off in a mean sprint on the way to the car in the morning or down the hall at work. I know that sounds kind of crazy and dramatic but hey its the truth!lol So in an effort to combat my crazy urges to work out or, until I order Socasize or sign up for my new work gym, I'll be taking the steps. Here are a few random pictures from my trips thus far:

My goal is to have pictures of every floor from each stair well in the building by July. I go up and down one flight a day. I am not completely sure how many stair wells we have (it's a big building) but I plan to find out! I encourage any of you, who would like to, to join in with me. Share you pictures. We could all use a girlfriend to share in our walks and compare notes with. Who knows we may even end up sharing a few funny stairwell stories. Whatever the case, I'll be taking the steps. Maybe you will too.

Peace and Light,


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