Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nails of the Week: Fuchsia

Peace Family,
This week I turned another minor mix up into something kinda cool. I was trying a technique that I often wore during my sophomore year of college, colored french tips. I did a pale pink base and a fuchsia color tip but my hand proved to be less steady than I needed it to be. To conceal the less than perfect tip, I drew a black line across the line of demarcation on each tip. I think it turned out pretty cute:) Let me know what ya think. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. I love hearing from you all. Have a peaceful and positive week.



  1. loveee it, wish I could do that, they'd probably come out horrrible!

  2. you never should try it. i mess up all the time lol clearly you can tell from this post but its fun:)