Friday, April 29, 2011

Song of the Day: Mr. Vegas "Black and Proud"

Peace Family,

I felt really inspired to come and share this song with you all today as I have been reading a lot across the blogosphere about skin bleaching in Jamaica. Before I go any further, I have to mention that skin bleaching is not just an issue for Jamaicans but African peoples across the diaspora. There are skin bleaching products readily available right here in the states and the supply would not be here if there was not a demand. Black people are not the only ethnic group suffering from trying to fit the images surrounding us in the news and media. Some Asians tape their eye lids and get surgery to give their eyes a crease. The problem is individuals feeling as if they are not good enough as is. I am here today to say YES YOU ARE! Whether you believe in a higher power or not, nature did not create anything out of sync. We are apart of something much greater than ourselves. Look at how the sun rises and sets everyday without reminder. All animals are apart of the food chain that keeps the earth moving humans included!! We all expire at some point no matter how we eat, exercise, or in some cases medicate.

SO, Let's focus on self acceptance in an effort to live truly happy and satisfying lives. Embrace what you have and accentuate the things you love about yourself. Life is to short to focus so heavily on our outward appearances. There are tsunamis and hurricanes taking place all over the world and issues that need our attention. Be of help to someone else. Who knows you may develop a better appreciation of yourself and cee your true worth:) Enjoy the song below and feel free to change the chorus to fit your own ethnicity. We should all be so proud because our cultural differences have enriched the world.


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