Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Review: Hill Harper's The Conversation

Peace Family,

I write to you today to share the masterpiece that is Hill Harper's The Conversation. This book...lets how I can really describe it: It's real in a homeboy sitting around the dorm talking kind of way yet well put together in a "oh he really put some thought into how he wanted to present all these characters" kind of way. You see, the book is full of thoughts and opinions from some of Hill's closest friends and even some of the guests at events he attended. It challenges all the preconceived notions that African-Americans have accepted as truth and hinder us from actualizing happy/healthy relationships. One of the quotes that stuck with me from this book was "'So is marriage as hard work as everyone says?’ I asked the table. ‘Nothing that good is easy,’ Jordan answered. ‘Staying fit is hard, too. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it; maybe the opposite is true.’” Pg. 329 I encourage you to check out The Conversation as there are tips for everyone from the single lady to the married man. I pull a few more cool quotes from the book in  the video below. Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments and feedback. I love hearing from you all!

Peace and Light,


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