Monday, January 3, 2011

Project Recap 2011

Peace Family,

I hope the year has been good to you thus far better yet let us be good to the year! :) I have decided to do a recap of the my best and worst in 2010. The posts will consist primarily of videos and pictures. Maybe even a few quotes and passages. I feel like this will help me to cee progression from one year to the next and recognize what I should be doing differently. I really want 2011 to be a year of firsts. Things that I have never done but have always wanted to do will be the focus of this year. Below is a short list of these "things":

-Go to the movies alone
-Read/spend time with the elderly
-Take a trip to Canada
-Take a trip to Vegas
-Take structured guitar lessons
-Make more time for arts and crafts
-Buy a new (used) car lol
-Buy my first house/condo
-Start non-profit or youths

I know this list is kind of scattered and all over the place but these are the things I would like to cee started if not actualized by the end of 2011. I know that I can do it. With God's help and work on my part all things are possible. So, throughout the month of January I will be posting my highs and lows of 2010 in preparation for the kick off of my 2011 aspirations. Yikes! Here I go!!! Jesus take the wheel lol

First recap video from 2010 "A Year In Natural Hair Vlogging." Over the past two years, I can say one of my major accomplishments was learning to care for my natural tresses effectively. It has been the greatest journey that I that I accidentally embarked on lol. Enjoy the video below and feel free to share your highs and lows of 2010 or aspirations for 2011. I love to hear from ya.

Peace and Light<3

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