Saturday, February 15, 2014

Double Standard: Nikki Minaj "Lookin A** N***as"

Disclaimer: I am and have not ever been a "Nikki Minaj fan."

Disclaimer 2: I have never promoted the use of the "N" word even though I know people who use the word freely. To each his/her own. No shade here.

With that being said, I am coming to her defense, in whatever small way, in regards to her recent song "Lookin A** N***as." In a time when I can turn on the radio in my car and hear Chris Brown and Lil Wayne's "Loyal" playing on three different radio stations at once, I cannot believe the backlash Nikki Minaj is receiving for this song and especially from women. Ok, I know two wrongs don't make a right. It is not ok for men to bash women or vice versa which is addressed in more detail in Hill Harper's "The Conversation" which I did a book review on a few years ago and you can check it out here. (Shameless self promotion.) However, in an industry that is very much still male dominated and continuously allows for the release of songs that berate women in a multitude of ways, why is everyone so upset about Nikki Minaj's song? I'm asking this question genuinely because I have not seen or heard as much criticism for songs released by men who say pretty much the same things about "some women." Nikki outlines exactly who she is talking about when she says "look at y'all b**** a** n***gas lying on your d**k a** n***as/ frontin like they got a plan when it's really boost mobile a** n***as/look at y'all lying a** n*** as talking bout it's paid off when its really financed niggas." So, to use a line that is most often dropped by men who don't understand why women get upset about certain rap songs "if this is not you, why are you mad?" I would be interested to read your comments or feedback. Feel free to share this post but in the meantime I'm leaving Nikki's video below for your listening/viewing pleasure.

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