Monday, September 27, 2010

A Celebration of Life


This weekend marked the 16 anniversary of my uncle (Grady) Anthony Ouzts home going. When it was brought to my attention by my sister, I initially got quiet. There has been a lot of death taking place around me this year. I went to a funeral just this pass Monday to support a friend whose father was ill with cancer. We kept in touch with each other because my father had cancer as well. We have been a support to one another checking in from time to time. My great-grandmother passed in March which was the first death my family had experienced in a long time. She was 89 years old. It felt like a pillar was taken from us. She was our tree. We were the branches. The interesting part is that both my Uncle and Gran's birthdays are this month, the 23 and 13 respectively, and though I miss them both immensely, I am not sad. The tears I shed for them are now out of happiness because I honestly know that they are in a better place. My spirit is very light and I feel an overwhelming urge to pursue my dreams and goals with renewed vigor. That is what they would have wanted for those of us who they live on through. So that is my motivation this week. I will not wallow in dreams unfulfilled but rather continue on with my pursuits remembering that everyday is pregnant with opportunity. Tomorrow is no different and I resolve not to let anything stop me. I stand on the shoulders of giants, my Uncle and my Gran. RIP to you both. Your are loved still. Until next time, I wish you all love and light. Cee ya in the next post.

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  1. AMEN!!! Yes, our family tree is very strong and just like the leaves "fall" in autumn, they "grow" back in the spring! *muah* XOXO