Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekly Feature: Pamela Robinson of NaturallyDivine Co.!

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Hello Everyone!!

This week's feature is Pamela Robinson of NaturallyDivine Co. She is an incredible jewelry designer. I recently won her YouTube contest for a handcrafted Afro pic. It is GORGEOUS! For a glimpse of the video click here. I had a chance to catch up with her and find out the inspiration behind the pieces at naturallydivineco.com.  Check out the interview below..
HoneyCee:For those who are not familiar with your work, what was your initial motivation/inspiration behind creating Naturally Divine Co.?

Pamela Robinson: I live in Miami, Florida and it became very hard to find accessories that reflect my style which is very eccentric, so I decided to create my own and to help bring African culture inspired jewelry to the fore front of my city. It just seemed easier to tie fashion and culture together to get people thinking about our roots in a positive way.

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HoneyCee: You have some of the MOST creative pieces I have seen anywhere! How do you come up with ideas for new accessories? Ex: dreams, every day experiences etc.

Pamela Robinson: Visions from God. There have been many nights that I would pop out of bed to bring those visions to life, even if it meant spending 6 to 7 hours on one piece.
HoneyCee:What is your favorite material to work with when making accessories and why?

Pamela Robinson: Leather! Its durable and flexible. I can create anything I want with leather. Leather comes in so many forms, textures and colors which makes it cool to use. 
HoneyCee: The quality of your pieces really sets you apart from many jewelry designers. Everything is impeccably made with fine materials. What has helped you to achieve this level of precision in your jewelry making? Ex: A jewelry class or mentor.

Pamela Robinson: My character..period! I have a simple system and every pieces has to meet " Would I personally wear this approved" My conscious would not allow me to ship anything if its not in impeccable condition. I want my clients to shop with me again and again. 
HoneyCee: When making your jewelry, what do you prefer to work with most your hands or tools?

Pamela Robinson: My hands are my tools...lol!

HoneyCee: What is your ultimate goal for Naturally Divine Co.?

Pamela Robinson: To expand throughout the U.S. so that I can hire within the urban communities. In the year that I have been doing this alone, I am finding that I need someone I can pass the torch to.

HoneyCee:Toss up: What is success to you?

Pamela Robinson: When friends and family believe in you so much that they are willing to do anything they can to help you see your dreams come to life and if at the end of the day they say,"We are proud of you." That is success to me!
HoneyCee: Where can HoneyCee.blogspot.com readers see more from you?

Pamela Robinson: www.naturallydivineco.com I hang out a lot on Twitter too @JewelryVixen305


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