Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Egg Mask Facial

OK before you laugh to hard let me just say there are some really good benefits to me looking like this... I am a journey to clear skin and have incorporated this egg mask facial in my facial routine. I do it about once a week usually after I have steamed my face. It pulls off black heads, white heads, and and cleans pores. I have been struggling with acne since I was about twelve. I'm twenty four years old now and I'm sick of it! lol I started using more natural products on my skin in November. Products like black soap, eggs, honey, green tea, aloe vera gel and juice, shea butter, and lemon juice have really made a significant difference. I have been doing much better with eliminating dark spots and preventing break outs. However, about a month ago now I had a really bad break out and I have been struggling to recover from it. I realized that the three things I need most are a natural cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I do have some cleansers that I adore! These include the Desert Essence Facial Cleanser or Black Soap depending on how dirty my face feels. I also steam my face at least twice a week to rid it of impurites. Sometimes I cut open and green tea bag and but that in the water after it has boiled.

I then place my face over the bowl with a towel wrapped around my head for 10-15 min. My face always feels so clean and soft after:) I cleanse with Desert Essence, use my green tea, aloe, and lemon juice toner, and moisturize with whats left of my acne free moisturizer with SPF (I'm trying to get rid of my left over store bought items). When that runs out I'll start moisturizing with my vitamin E liquid again. I really would like to find an all natural moisturizer. I heard Desert Essence has a good one and I'm going to look in to that. If you have any ideas for natural facial care products I can use please comment below. I will be uploading a post about my Labor Day weekend later today. Cee ya in the next post!

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